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5 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Alex Stafford Alex Stafford says:

    Dave is very reliable and easy to get in touch with if need be, he provides alot of knowledge and always puts the clients best interest before himself. I'd highly recommend Dave to anyone who needs financial help.

  2. Sue Praseuth Sue Praseuth says:

    Staci Is very personable and provides great insight on financial advice. I would recommend her my friends and family members because I am confident that she has there best interest in mind.

  3. Karen Weeks Karen Weeks says:

    We switched our mortgage insurance to life insurance through Staci and she saved us a lot of money. She explained everything in detail and made sure we understood everything before signing. She is very approachable. Highly recommend!!

  4. Erica Watson Erica Watson says:

    When Dave first spoke to me about investments and financial planning, I didn’t think I had “enough” to invest, and given my health history I certainly never thought I could have a decent life insurance policy without paying a fortune. I was in my mid-thirties, had no savings for my future, and had just returned to college full-time. Fast-forward a few years and I now have a portfolio that gives me a growing sense of security for my future finances and an excellent, very affordable, life insurance policy. All of this is thanks to Dave’s knowledge, expertise and willingness to help me understand. What is most wonderful is that Dave not only helps me make the best decisions and choices about how and where to invest my money to meet specific goals, but he takes the time to really explain the who/what/when/where/why/how of my financial plan so that I’ll have a solid understanding of what my choices will do and mean for me (oh, and he makes house-calls too!).

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