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Benefits are a great asset to have when preparing for the unexpected. When it comes to YOUR benefits you have the option to pick what coverage you want from prescription drugs, dental, vision care and so much more. Depending on which package you choose you may be eligible for up to $1250 per calendar year of dental care, up to $10,000 in prescription drugs (exceptions may able)per year, up to $150 every two years for prescription eyewear. Packages may also include what is considered paramedical coverage, types of services that fall under this category are chiropractor, acupuncturist, speech therapist, naturopath, physiotherapist and a few others.

Health and dental packages you purchase can be used on its own or as addition to those you receive through work, as our Provincial Health Care does not cover everything. Another feature that is available is free health and legal assistance where you are able to talk to licensed professionals for advice. There is also a support and services part of the program where you are able to utilize a medication home delivery service, health monitoring system, transportation of a family member or friend to visit, tutoring services, home care services and home nursing care. These services are available to anyone who has been hospitalized for two days or more or after giving birth.

Health and dental plans are designed to provide you with a peace of mind should an unforeseen accident occur.

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