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Everyone loves to travel whether it be within their country or international, and some people may spend a few weeks and others a few months. Whatever your choice maybe it is always wise to prepare for the unexpected and apply for travel insurance. Some of the benefits travel insurance offers include Emergency Medical with the option Emergency Return, Trip Cancellation/Interruption, Baggage, Accidental Death and Air Flight Accident.

Emergency Medical Care Benefit will give you a sense of relief financially if anything were to happen while on vacation that required urgent care and hospitalization. The benefit provides hospitalization costs in a private or semi-private room as well as the nursing care and any medical or dental care as a result of an accident. Transportation expenses are another thing that is covered whether it be by ambulance service or taxi. A subsistence allowance will be provided if you must delay your return due to the illness or injury. A nice feature so that you are able to focus on recovery.

Emergency Return Benefit covers transportation expenses home if a trip is made necessary due to a death, or hospitalization of a family member for at least 7 days. Another reason may be if a disaster strikes which causes a covered person’s home to be uninhabitable or causes significant damage to their commercial establishment. This benefit also covers your return to the original trip destination. You are unable to purchase this option on its own, must be bought as an addition to the emergency medical care benefit.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption refers to any situation, that is out of your control, where you are must cancel, interrupt, extend or modify your trip. The insuring company will then pay the following benefits: non-refundable prepaid expenses, new occupancy charges, additional transportation costs, vehicle return costs and provide a subsistence allowance as well as costs for returning the remains of a deceased person.

Accidental Death or Dismemberment benefit is coverage in case of death or loss of use of one or several limbs due to an accident.

Air Flight Accident Benefit is added coverage in case of death or loss of a limb(s) following an accident while on one of the following: regular or chartered flight, helicopter shuttle service between airports to make a connecting flight or a land or water conveyance supplied by the airline as a substitute for the aircraft.

Baggage Benefit is an additional coverage that has to be added with either the emergency medical benefit or trip cancellation or interruption benefit.

The following things are covered under this benefit include loss due to theft, burglary, vandalism or disappearance, damage, delay (12 hours or more) or loss or theft of important papers such as passport, driver’s license. visa and birth certificate.

When traveling, especially to a new country, save yourself the worry, think ahead and get yourself protected.

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